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Oct 11, 2011 1:00pm EDT
that bill. white house correspondent dan lothian is traveling with the president and joins us live from pittsburgh. hi, there, dan. is the president preparing for the possibility that his jobs bill may not pass today's test in the senate? >> reporter: it it does appear that he is. in fact, he's meeting with his jobs council and a short minute ago he was asked about this and the president responded, saying, he doesn't know how congress will respond to the overall jobs bill but the expectation is that if in fact they don't pass it, as one entire piece, that it would be broken into parts. they would certainly push for the infrastructure component of that and then pressure would be applied later to get all of those other pieces done. but what the white house really wants is for this whole package to be taken up in one piece because they believe that's the only way to really get the economy going to create the kinds of jobs that the president would like to see. >> and when you look at this package, dan, we're talking $447 billion. one of sticking points is obviously taxing the rich. they do
Oct 5, 2011 3:00am PDT
for a conditional use authorization to establish a wireless at&t telecommunications facility at the southeast corner of 26th avenue and irving st.. >> i am sorry. just a moment. >> within an nc-2 neighborhood commercial district. the building contains 28 dwelling units above a commercial store front that is vacant. the building contains an existing wireless facility on the rooftop operated by verizon wireless. the project was to install a wireless facility consisting of six panel antennas, six of which would be facades amounted, and two of which will be roof mounted. there will be painted to match the building. the equipment cabinets will also be located on the roof. it is a preference two location per the setting guidelines because the site is considered a co-location site. there has been one phone call from a neighbor citing health concerns. the department of public health has also reviewed the rf report and has found the proposal coincides with current fcc guidelines. the department recommends approval with conditions, for the following reasons. it complies with general planning code policies. it
Sep 30, 2011 9:00pm PDT
of mergers for the last decade. the have always referred to us as a muni, but we are more than you need. we have parking and traffic. we manage paratransit. recently, we have regulatory authority of the texas commission. we have a help with a traffic detail. we are a very broad agency that takes care of all the different transportation services in the city. every time you step outside your door in the city of san francisco, you are -- the mta has a strong role. we are building the transportation systems under the year. one thing we have been doing more and more is the last bullet, which is working closely with the planning department and the redevelopment agency and all the other agencies, reviewing land-use and development plans to show that impacts are addressed at the beginning. one thing we have been struggling with, working closely with the planning department, is the city is undergoing significant changes. we're an aging city. some things are happening. we're having more polarization of incomes. higher prices for housing. there are changes that will be affecting our city in terms of t
Oct 5, 2011 5:30am PDT
establishments is likely. i am happy to support both uses. i think that i see that opportunity for a date coming up with commissioner borden. as a youth, i was in a police athletic bowling league in redwood city and we did a lot of polling on saturday mornings as well. when the new bowling alley opens in the mission, we will make sure we're there together. commissioner fong: i am a supporter of good old-fashioned fun and i do not see an objection to these uses. there was a theater last night where alcohol was served -- we were at a theater last night where alcohol was served. if it is possible to separate out or desirable or not. president olague: if you can come up so we can capture it on the mike. >we do not have an ability to separate it. we would have certain screenings that are 21 and over to stop any further mingling of underage drinking. >> "toy story 2," it might shut down the bar. >> i would be happy to make a motion to approve the amendment, as written, with the addition nonprofit single screen theater with some definition about what a movie house is. >> there is one other single scree
Oct 23, 2011 12:00am PDT
with it and use it and be productive with it every day. and half of the city's population that's in the other boat is disconnected from all that potential prosperity. >> we really need to promote content and provide applications that are really relevant to people's lives here. so a lot of the inspiration, especially among the immigrant community, we see is communications with people from their home country but we as much want to use the internet as a tool for people to connect within the local san francisco community. >> i think it's our job as public educators to give them this access and give them this opportunity to see that their efforts are being appreciated beyond their immediate reach. >> you have to blend this idea of community network with computer equipment with training and with support. we can pull all that together, then we've got it. >> it's as much about social and economic justice -- in fact it's more about social and economic justice than justst >> good morning. this is a special meeting of the san francisco planning commission for thursday, october 20, 2011. before i take role, l
Oct 21, 2011 5:00pm EDT
than two months, the u.s. involvement will come to an end. it's the long of the war in u.s. history. president obama said the iraq war itself will be history. >> today, i can say that our troops in iraq will definitely be home for the holidays. >> reporter: the u.s. combat motion in iraq ended in 2010, but 40,000 troops remain to support and train iraq's military and man taping a smaller u.s. force, america's final pullout fed up. >> the rest of our troops in iraq will come home by the end of the year and after nearly 9 years, america's war in iraq will be over. >> reporter: in 2008, iraq agreed to let u.s. troops remain giving u.s. forces immunity from any illegal prosecution. and as that deal is set to expire, u.s. officials refuse to stay without the immunity guarantee. the war began in 2003 and the bush administration claim's weapons of mass destruction proved false in the middle of a sectarian civil war with insurgents attacking u.s. forces. for several weeks now, demonstrators from the occupy d.c. movement have been camped out here in mcpherson square in washington and present
Oct 20, 2011 12:00pm EDT
of militia men stopping to show us the video footage that you mentioned. it is rather gruesome and we haven't been able to independently confirm but it shows the body of what looks like gadhafi, either in the back of a vehicle or on the ground shirtless with blood around his head. he appears to have a bullet hole in his neck or back of his head. we met militia men that reportedly saw the bodies of his son, also in the back of an ambulance. and then we -- militia men with tokens of items that belongeded to gadhafi including a ring and hat and 9 millimeter gun and bottle of shampoo taken from his hideout in sirte. >> as you're mentioning, the u.s. government has not confirmed this death as of yet. as you have been speaking with those militia men on the side of the road, as you've been taking that trip to misratah have they indicated, any of them, that they doubt the reports that are out there right now that indeed gadhafi is dead. >> no, there's been no expression of doubt. the one thing we have been very certain about with our reporting is the mood. everybody here is excited, jubilant and re
Oct 25, 2011 10:30am PDT
it easier to get to your destination. many are taking a position of next bus technology now in use around the city. updated at regular intervals from the comfort of their home or workplace. next bus uses satellite technology and advanced computer modeling to track buses and trains, estimating are bought stocks with a high degree of accuracy. the bus and train our arrival information can be accessed from your computer and even on your cellular phone or personal digital assistant. knowing their arrival time of the bus allows riders the choice of waiting for it or perhaps doing some shopping locally or getting a cup of coffee. it also gives a greater sense that they can count on you to get to their destination on time. the next bus our arrival information is also transmitted to bus shelters around the city equipped with the next bus sign. riders are updated strictly about arrival times. to make this information available, muni has tested push to talk buttons at trial shelters. rider when pushes the button, the text is displayed -- when a rider pushes the button. >> the success of these tests
Oct 21, 2011 8:00pm PDT
role, let me remind all of us to turn off our cell phones. >> soon as i find mine, i will turn it off. [roll-call] thank you. commissioners, just by way of explanation for the public, this special meeting was set up because you have recently had a number of large items that have pushed aside some smaller items, so this meeting was set up so we could kind of take care of some of those smaller items. as such, we set up the calendar as we usually do for a regular meeting, and we did not need to do that. we will not do commissioner matters or directors import at this morning session, and we will delay those until the afternoon session. thank you. commissioners, first category on a calendar items proposed for continuance for 112 7 street, proposed to january 14, 2012. with that, i am not aware of any other item on the special calendar that is being proposed for continuance. commissioner miguel: is there any public comment on items proposed for continuance? if not, public comment is closed. commissioner borden: i move to approve item one for continuance to the date on the calendar. >> the i
Oct 3, 2011 6:00am PDT
to finds a gunman killing three people outside of a warehouse party. kraig debro joins us with what happened and what we are learning about the young victims, kraig debro. >> reporter: we are trying to talk to police this morning it all happened early sunday morning at a party at warehouse right after that party ended as a matter of fact. the warehouse is located in the industrial section of town but police say the organizers of the party did not have a permit but they may not have needed one. police say it was promoted on the web and 150 people were leaving when gunfire erupted. police say it was about 1:20 a.m. and the parties to the door of the -- the doors to the warehouse were even locked. >> that is when the victims were approached by two one men on -- two gunmen on foot and shot multiple rounds at the victims and they fled in an unknown direction. >> reporter: a 19-year-old girl had been admitted to the state university had died. and another girl was also killed, three others were wounded and conditions were not known but they tell us whether or not they are looking into whet
Sep 30, 2011 11:30pm PDT
? ok. also, the bowling alley of course, we lost rock 'n' bowl, we definitely need this type of use in the mission. some of the calls i have been receiving from members of the community is that a lot of consideration be given to families and youth. supervisor kim, i am sure you have that on your radar. the project sponsor has done it some outreach to groups and sometimes what i observe is there is a pick and choose on who the, reaches down to. a-- the outreach is done to. that would -- there might be challenges you end up at a better place. i think that is really it. but i think, it creates a certain balance. everything has been so moving so fast. i do not think anyone has had a chance to, what is the word, consider a lot of different things. thank you. -- thank you for your work on this. commissioner moore: i want to talk to the owner of the roxy theater and make a point regarding i fully understand that it is supporting or in proving your business that you want alcohol and i am supportive of it to the extent the price point of which are selling stays within the general range of th
Oct 10, 2011 11:00pm EDT
members of the victims overcome with emotion. >> it seems there were instructions to use excessive force against protesters. i have never seen armored vehicles speeding to run over protesters as if they were competing for a prize. >> reporter: some political figures in egypt are concerned the fighting might set back the fragile transition from the mubarak regime to civilian rule. >> the situation is critical and there are threats of civil war. we hope we won't reach that point. >> reporter: but there was more violence today egyptians once again the target. the white house released a statement saying, "the united states continues to believe the rights of minorities including coptics must be respected and that all people have the universal right to peaceful protest and religious freedom. even these tragic events should not stand in the way of timely elections and continued transition to democracy that is peaceful, just and inclusive." former u.n. ambassador john bolton says the administration's concerns are missing the point arguing coptic christi
Oct 21, 2011 11:00am EDT
of america that built this great country. ronald reagan, one of our greatest presidents, used to describe this nation as that shining city on a hill. but in the last several years, that shining city on a hill has slid down to the side of the hill because of the struggling economy because this administration is weakening our military. because of foggy foreign policy around the world and because of a severe deficiency of leadership, i believe that the american people are saying loud and clear, that they want to move this shining city on the hill back to the top of the hill where it belongs. and i believe that we can do that in november of 2012. [ applause ] there are two things that some people having figured out yet. some are still trying to answer the question, why is herman cain doing so well in the polls? he doesn't have the greatest amount of money. a lot of people didn't even know who he was. i can tell you what's happening that they don't get yet. number one, the voice of the people is more powerful than the voice of the media. you are the people and you are listening. [ applause ] s
Oct 22, 2011 7:30am PDT
francisco board of supervisors. i am joined by a supervisor campos. supervisor cohen will not be joining us today. we will entertain a motion to excuse her. supervisor campos: so moved. supervisor mirkarimi: the motion passes. thank you to sfgtv for their ongoing service. madam clerk, please read item one. >> item 1, ordinance amendment the san francisco police code section 107 1.1 to prohibit public nudity in restaurants and prohibit sitting on public benches or public seating areas without clothing or some other separate material between persons genitals, but talks, or tail region and the seating surface. supervisor mirkarimi: supervisor wiener brought this matter to the board. supervisor wiener: thank you for hearing this today. this is a piece of legislation that would address two very discreet issues, specifically requiring clothing for persons who are inside restaurants and requiring that of someone is in public and sitting on public seating, that the person has to place something down to sit on instead of sitting directly on the public seating -- if someone is nude in public. we have
Oct 20, 2011 11:30pm EDT
at the quarterback position and we expect him to lead us to a win. >> we feel confident with him out there. we've seen them pick us apart in practice so we feel like he knows what to do, he knows how to execute it. but game speed is a little different. things move faster and there is no repeats. so hopefully he'll go out there and feel confident and he'll get us a win. we need one. >> yeah, they do. the redskins are 3-2 after losing to philadelphia last week. and the thing about what d'angelo said is that is the one thing that is different, the game speed is faster. you can't simulate that in practice. but i will make one prediction. he will not throw four interceptions. >> are you sure about that? >> i'm saying right now, he will not. he will know throw four interceptions. >> we're going to write that down. >> they all seem to be taking it in stride. >> all right, thanks. >>> well still to come, repair bills mounting at the national cathedral and the mayor said the city doesn't have the cash to step in and help. but he has a plan. find out who he wants to help hand over millions. bob? >>> it'
FOX News
Oct 16, 2011 1:00pm PDT
.com/preferred. >> gregg: hello, i'm gregg jarrett. glad are with us. >> i'm heather childers. topping the news this hour. hundreds of protestors out on the streets and some of america's biggest cities across the country angry at wall street and lack of jobs as the president prepares to hit the road again. >>> going, going, gone a lavish symbol of moammar khadafy repressive regime. >> heather: remembering the man with a moving ceremony today. >> a hurricane may have delayed this day. this is a day that would not be denied. for this day we celebrate dr. martin luther king, jr. return to the mall. >> gregg: a monument of stone honoring martin luther king, jr. transformed to a living memorial. kelly wright and joins us live. how are people describing what is certainly a historic day. >> reporter: they were saying this was a historic occasion. thousands of people coming to washington to attend the celebration of dr. king's life, dream and legacy. joyful crowd even going hand in hand as they sang "we shall overcome." a song that became the signature song during the struggle. as the song echoed throughout the
Oct 5, 2011 2:00am PDT
polk st. for an deafening continuanthird is the japan towl use provision, this is also proposed for indefinite continuance. item #4 is -- this is important to point out this is only for the variance case for parole street. -- peralta street. the design administrator has determined the variance is no longer necessary, so the item is being removed from the calendar. id is only shown because it's continued to this specific date, so we needed to show the trail. further on the calendar, under the regular calendar, 15 01 15th st., staff is requesting continuance until october 6th, 2011. the project sponsor is in agreement with that. with that, i am not aware of any other item on your calendar being proposed for a continuance. president olague: any public comment on the items proposed for continuance? >> good afternoon, commissioners. i am in north mission property owner. i am concerned about 1501 15th street. the staff report gives the developers everything are entitled to under the code, yet the promise to the community under the plan are ignored and abrogated. in every instance, the
FOX News
Oct 1, 2011 10:00am PDT
setback for america's enemies today. one day after a u.s. drone strike kills al-qaeda leader anwar al-awlaki in yemen, they have he' nabbed a terror leader in yemen. one of the most ruth letters operating out of pakistan and he's reasonable believed to be responsible for the high profile attacks in afghanistan and including last month's deadly attack in kabul. molly henneberg live from washington with more details and molly, what do we know now about in guy's role in the haqqani terror operation? >> hi, kelly. his name, kahn, a revered elder in the clan and high ranking in the terror network, moves them in and out for attacks on u.s. troops. a security operation in the eastern afghan province, near pakistan, he was said to be halfly armed, but did not put up any resistance when he was captured and also swept up in the operation, his deputy and bodyguard. >> kelly: a good capture and also we've heard word that the missile strike in yemen, molly, may have taken out a prominent al-qaeda bomb maker there. >> it's not confirmed yet, but u.s. officials believe it may have killed now three,
Oct 11, 2011 5:00pm EDT
, with confidential sources working with the u.s. government. >> the complaint alleges this conspiracy was conceived and was sponsored from iran constitute a flake rapt use of international and u.s. law. >> reporter: reading from the pages of a hollywood script, the impact would have been real and many lives would have been lost. >> al-zabar was arrested on september 29th at jfk airport, new york city, and while the indictment was clear today saying the assassination was rooted in the differences between the irany and saudi government, the attorney general today, though, stopped short of saying that this plot had the direct blessing of the top iranian government officials itself, though. he did sate u.s. will take unspecified action against iran, and late this afternoon, the state department did begin imposing sangs on four individuals involved in financing parts of this plot. >> tom, at this point, have we had any response yet from iran? >> reporter: predictably, shawn, the iranian government dismissed it calling it a child story saying there was no credibility whatsoever. the u.s. was quick in tan
Oct 14, 2011 1:00pm PDT
of minutes with us here. have a wonderful weekend and that does it for more. "the situation room" starts now. >>> thanks very much. happening now, declining support after a series of major stumbles. will a critical speech help turn the tide for a republican presidential candidate rick perry? >>> also, the chilling final seconds of a doomed air france flight. transcripted reveal panic and disbelief in the cockpit. >>> plus, drones just like the ones used by the united states military should anyone be able to buy them? turns out they can. but what's going to prevent terrorists from buying and using them? i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." -- captions by vitac -- >>> he entered the race at the top of the polls, but rick perry has been watching his numbers slide and slide. his momentum rather slow. now, with a closely watched speech, the texas governor is trying to reverse his declining campaign fortunes. jim acosta is joining us now. he delivered what his campaign described as a major speech today. >> that's right. the speech was called the energizing american jobs
Oct 23, 2011 9:00am EDT
it for us this morning, stay tuned for >> chris: i'm chris wallace. all u.s. troops will be out of iraq by year's yend libya's moammar qaddafi is killed. dramatic changes in the middle east landscape offer both opportunity and challenge for u.s. foreign policy. we'll talk with secretary of state hillary clinton and republican senator lindsey graham. then, a new phase in the 2012 republican presidential race. the candidates get down to reall campaigning. we continue our series of interviews with crum -- crum crumb michelle bachmann. and how the gop nomination shapes up. all right now on "fox news sunday". and hello, again, from fox news in washington. on friday, president obama announced he will keep a campaign promise and bringg all u.s. troops home from iraq by the end of the year. earlier we spoke with secretary of state hillary clinton and about the death of moammar qaddafi. >> they wanted 15,000 troops in iraq next year. and the white house talked about 3000 to 5000. why is president obama pulling all of the troops out. >> put it in the appropriate historical context. president obam
Oct 5, 2011 3:00pm PDT
't want to work, you're just lazy and you are just irresponsible. they used to say lazy and shiftless. they did blame themselves. that's would you we're organizing and mobilizing all over america. mr. cain, we're going to change things, because we're going to start blaming ourselves for not doing more. joining me now, from wall street michael mulgrew, president of the united federation of teachers. michael, how does it look? >> it's looking night. i have to tell you, this is an amazing thing that's going on. two days ago we sent out notices, expecting a couple thousand of people. there were over 15,000 people easily filling up the square and marching down broadway. people say enough is enough. we want fairness, we're going to stand up until we get it. >> now, the fight is about economic inequality. i remember not long ago you, i and others marched down, talking about unions. now you are there, as unions supporting the occupy wall street. this seems to be taking form for those that have variety of political perations, but are united around 1% of this country should not be controlling t
Oct 21, 2011 2:00am PDT
's no doubt we did exactly what we said we were going to do in libya. >> reporter: it was a limited u.s. role when the rebels faced massacre and pushing other nato nations to take over. rebels say he was shot in the head in a cross fire. this is closure to the loved ones of americans remembered at this monument in syracuse, new york, killed when the libyan dictator allegedly had their u.s. jetliner blown up in 1988. >> to finally get the man that ordered the bombing of pan am 103 is justice. >>> u.s. officials worry any aircraft missiles are unaccounted for here, islamic radicals could capitalize on the chaos. the revolution has won said president obama, but there's more to do. >> to secure dangerous materials andh) of all libians. >> reporter: two things libya has to learn with gadhafi dead. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. >>> early this morning secretary of state hillary clinton who had just been to tripoli just days ago responded to gadhafi's killing saying it was a new era for libya. speaking from islamabad she also turned up the heat on pakistan saying there would be a very b
Oct 1, 2011 12:00am PDT
planning. thank you for placing this on your agenda and to give us an opportunity to make our presentation to express our concern. i live one block away from the church. i have grown up in the russian hill neighborhood and lived here for over 30 years and i've raised a family here. i love this community because a church we can go to on a sunday service. i have attended various services -- many services and there in spring and i wish i could go more often. i am here to express opposition. -- i have attended many services and they are inspiring and i wish i could go more often. we have collected 340 signatures of property owners, merchants, residents, and the immediate -- in the immediate neighborhood. larkin street is a heavily traveled street where families walk their children past the church to and from school. they drop the children off to and from playground centers. on the diagram i am presenting, there are 70.3% signatures that were collected from the residents who live within a three had a foot radius. [bell] -- a 300 foot radius. the people who signed the petition are concerned with
Oct 20, 2011 7:00pm PDT
the stock. >> tom: then, talking tough on trade to boost the u.s. economy. >> i want to see fair trade policies, and if they're not going to be fair, you cut it off or you tax the hell out of them. >> tom: coming up, our interview with real estate mogul donald trump. it's "nightly business report" for thursday, october 20. this is "nightly business report" with susie gharib and tom hudson. "nightly business report" is made possible by: this program is made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. captioning sponsored by wpbt >> tom: good evening, everybody. susie gharib is off tonight. i'm joined by suzanne pratt in new york. it's solid sales for microsoft in the company's most recent quarter. >> suzanne: tom, firms are buying microsoft's office and server software, and that business offset weak consumer demand for p.c.s. microsoft earned 68 cents a share in its fiscal first quarter, in line with wall street forecasts. revenues, however, were a bit better than expected, coming in at $17.3 billion. >> tom: microsoft shares traded slightly lower aft
Oct 12, 2011 5:00am EDT
bridge early this wednesday morning. it is october 12th, 2011 now. glad you're with us bright and early at 5:00 a.m. maybe not so bright but dim early this morning. good morning. thank you for being with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. let's say good morning to tony perkins. he is in with the latest on a rainy, rainy day today. >> yes, we'll see some showers today. let's take a look at hd radar. you can see already this morning where we are seeing shower activity. it is just scattered around the region, all around the washington area, down to our south. not everybody is getting rain but there are showers scattered around. that is kind. the way it will be through the course of date today. it won't rain constantly all day long in any one location but there will be periods of rain. let's take a look at the temperatures. a mild start to the day. 65degrees right now here in washington. 63 at dulles airport. 64 in baltimore. fredericksburg is at 64. hags are up two, you are at 59 degrees this morning. forecast for today look like this. plenty of clouds around. a little bit coole
Oct 6, 2011 7:00pm PDT
. we are live at the dispense or and he says the u.s. -- dispenseory and he says the u.s. department says they near violation of the law. >> reporter: they are saying this medical marijuana dispensory is too close to that ballpark across the parking lot. >> it is nice organic marijuana. >> reporter: the medical dispensory has been running 14 years. her land lord received this letter a week ago saying he had to kick out the dispensory or else. >> he is evicting us or facing 40 years seizure of his property and all assets. >> reporter: there are appellants are illegal drug activity within 1,000 feet of school or a playground. >> it is not a playground it is a park. i have a contract with the town, a use permit. >> reporter: the federal government does not recognize california's medical marijuana law. she is one of 16dispen -- one of 16 dispensory fighting this. >> reporter: the national organization for the reform of marijuana laws says this is just the latest in a round of attacks on medical marijuana from the federal government. >> the barack obama administration is afraid that
Oct 14, 2011 11:00am PDT
phone big debut.ç >>> good morning, everyone. thank you so much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm marla tellez. we begin with a major bust in the south bay, involving drugs, stolen cars and guns. federal state and local law enforcement teamed together to arrest more than 100 people from al wra media, santa claire, santa cruz. the latest from gilroy. >> reporter: this is a big deal. more than 100 arrests all across the bay area and all of those arrested are being brought here to the gilroy police department. now, police right now are being tight lipped about their raid. we do know they've made nor than 100 arrests. it involves guns, drugs, stolen cars and other finds. s.w.a.t. teams from numerous police departments carried out the predawn sting. many of those were in neighborhoods with children and they shook up some of the witnesses. >> pretty scary that all these little kids, mothers walking with their babies around here. >> reporter: some s.w.a.t. team members tell me they didn't find out until last night that they would be involved in this drag net. this is such a big deal th
Oct 21, 2011 11:00am PDT
>>> a big announcement from the president today about the war in iraq, when the majority of u.s. troops will be leaving and how many will stay behind. >>> officers in one bay area city move in on occupy protesters while another city orders demonstrators to clear out. >>> then what lengths a suspected car thief went to in the east bay to get away from police. >>> good morning. thanks for being with us at 11:00. i'm marla tellez. jon kelley is off today. we begin in oakland, where the city has ordered protesters to clear one of two occupy camps, but the order did not come with a date or a time. and protesters say they aren't leaving anyway. nbc bay area's christie smith is live, near the camp, outside city hall. christie, any idea if or when police may be moving in? >> well, you know, i can tell you that it hasn't happened so far, but i have seen protesters walking around, some of them with this note to vacate in their hand, reading it. the list of problems that the city has with this tent city up in front of franco gallo plaza. the problems are clearly outlined and so is the -- t
Oct 23, 2011 6:00am EDT
are coming home from iraq for good in a few weeks. a special good morning to the men and women watching us on the american forces network all around the world, thank you for what you do. we are going to start with herman cain this morning, under fire from his republican rivals. this time for recent comments he made about abortion. and what a platform they had to take shots at him last night. a major gathering of christian conservatives in iowa. shannon travis is in des moines. >> reporter: a big night here in des moines, iowa. the iowa faith and freedom coalition, a gathering of 1,000 iowans, many of them christian evangelicals. six presidential candidates came to court their vote. rick perry, michele bachmann, rick santorum, ron paul, newt gingrich and herman cain. herman cain was on the hot seat because of comments he made to our very own piers morgan earlier this week. he was talking about the issue of abortion. he made very clear, unequivocally, he's pro-life, but asked about what about in cases of rape or incest and his answer was interpreted by some people by leaving some room he wou
Oct 22, 2011 6:00am EDT
october 22nd, 2011. >> thank you so much for joining us. we'll have more on that story in a moment. want to begin with a quick check of your forecast. chuck bell is joining us in the studio. things looking good this weekend. >> yes, a good-looking weekend. did you enjoy your week. >> with the exception of wednesday. >> wednesday was nasty. >> a little gloomy. that's all right. this is three weeks in a row we have had rain during the week leaving us high and dry for the weekend. three weekends in a row. you got to the love that. outside on a beautiful saturday morning. generally clear sky to get the weekend started. clear skies won't last all day long. a little bit of sunshine this morning. that will cook up cloud deck by late morning, earl you afternoon. no threat for rainfall on your weekend. anything you've got planned outdoors, it will be a cooperative weekend for that. 50 degrees in downtown washington. everybody else is down into the 30s and 40s this morning. 39 in petersburg and culpeper this morning, 39 in manassas. 33 in spotsylvania. state of maryland low to mid 40s for much of
Oct 26, 2011 11:00am PDT
they weren't using live ammunition and no one was injured. bullet hole through a second floor window. >> [ inaudible ] >> reporter: there was plenty to fix at the plaza, urine, feces, graffiti, needles, trash all had to be removed. all reasons why they say the occupies had to end yesterday. one hopes tonight's demonstration is peaceful. >> don't throw stuff. every time you throw stuff and there's a large amount of people they are going to gas us that drives people away. if we could go without getting gassed we take up two to three blocks. >> reporter: mayor quan is expected to talk to the media today. laura anthony is tracking that. nick smith is here ing on the demonstrations. next demonstration is scheduled for 6:00 tonight. -- terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >>> amy hollyfield joins us. you have been trying to find out about the use of force and possibly a response from the oakland mayor, any luck? >> reporter: no luck. we have heard the mayor is back in town. she was in washington, d.c.. she got back late last night. she did not return our calls all morning and hasn't made herself av
Sep 30, 2011 8:00pm PDT
be encouraged to apply. thank you again for hosting us. >> thank you for including us in "culturewire." ♪ >> good afternoon. this is the regular meeting of the planning commission for september 22nd, 2011. if you could turn off your telephone, pager or electronic devices that may sound off during the proceedings. if you are filling out speaker cards, you can put them on the railing and i will pick them up. [roll call] president olague: the first things on a calendar are items proposed for a continuance. the 135 el camino del mar, proposed for a continuance until october 27th, 2011. the next one is for 2424 polk st. for an deafening continuanthird is the japan towl use provision, this is also proposed for indefinite continuance. item #4 is -- this is important to point out this is only for the variance case for parole street. -- peralta street. the design administrator has determined the variance is no longer necessary, so the item is being removed from the calendar. id is only shown because it's continued to this specific date, so we needed to show the trail. further on the calendar
Oct 11, 2011 11:30pm EDT
that new terror plot busted. >> thanks for staying up late with us. i'm brian bolter. >> and i'm shawn yancy. the iranian government is being blamed for trying to -- a us citizen and texan resident is facing a number of charges. bob barnard is working the story in the newsroom. >> that was the picture of the saudi ambassador there, i want to clarify. at the heart of the government's case is an alleged plot by agents of the iranian government to murder the saudi arabbian ambassador to the us here in washington and to attack israeli embassies in washington and argentina. one of the two men charged in the case is apparently cooperating with the fbi. monseur arbsara is a 56-year-old us citizen, charged in court with trying to hire a mexican drug warrior with assassinating the ambassador to the united states. he was an informant to the dea. the terror plot included blowing up a restaurant in washington frequented by the ambassador and us senators. warned that 100 bystanders could be killed, he allegedly said, quote, no big deal. >> it reads like the pages of a hollywood script. the
Oct 21, 2011 3:00pm PDT
. in announcing its end, president obama used the term success, not victory, and said it was time america focused less on wars overseas and more on economic problems here at home. >> i would note that the end of war in iraq reflects the larger transition. the tide of war is receding. >> there is no doubt public opinion is on the president's side. nearly 7 in 10 americans oppose the war in iraq. but a number of conservatives, including the leading republican candidates for president tonight say, president obama is weakening america and emboldening iran. the former massachusetts governor, mitt romney, said the unavoidable question is whether this decision is the result of a naked political calculation or simply sheer ineptitude in negotiations with the iraqi government. jessica yellin was in the briefing room for the dramatic announcement. the point governor romney was making while the president called it a success it's not exactly what he wanted, right? >> it's clear from a security perspective the pentagon wanted to keep more troops in iraq, that much is indisputable now. but from a political --
Oct 11, 2011 12:00pm PDT
to do violent things for money. that person turned out to be an under cover u.s. law enforcement agent from the drug enforcement administration and from that point on, this was a sting operation and everything that happened was monitored by law enforcement. two sets of wiring money to a bank account totalling $100,000 and discussing how they might do it and setting a bomb off in a restaurant in washington. all those things were done as the u.s. law enforcement watched interactions with the under cover source. what the two from iran were willing to do was astonishing because they were willing to blow up as many as it took to assassinate the ambassador. >> this is remarkable and what's the thinking behind deploying a mexican drug cartel ? >> simply this was apparently the idea. he said that or at least in discussion with the iranians in iran that they had the idea if you are looking for somebody who will commit crimes that were mercenaries that would do something like this violent for money and the place to go would be members of a drug cartel . one interesting point that is not immediat
Oct 25, 2011 6:00am EDT
of fannie mae will joan us live. >>> the president what in los angeles last night for two fundraisers. he outlined his administration's accomplishments saying he has done about 60% of what he set out to do and other 40% he can wrap up in the next five years. >>> jury selection proving to be a bit difficult yesterday in the lululemon case. almost all of the potential jurors said she had heard of the case against brittany norwood. experts say the problem ever choosing a jury that is not partial is a big challenge. >> it is very difficult in any case if there has been publicity to put aside what you've heard or learned and certainly where air talk about a high profile case like this. it is extremely difficult. >> jury selection continues today. opening statements are expected tomorrow. >>> police still on the search if a hit and run driver who killed a pedestrian in northwest d.c. sunday. 32-year-old john young kim was dragged several yards and wound up in an alley near sixth street and florida avenue. neighbors say the driver may have turned into the alley to avoid traffic on florida avenue
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